Updating firmware on unlocked iphone

27-Oct-2017 23:03

Hopefully you can see there are a ton of things you can do to your i OS device once it is Jailbroken, and that it is indeed worth doing.

As for Jailbreaking the Apple TV, I could do another infographic and explain to you all the benefits like I did for the i Phone, i Pod Touch and i Pad, but you are better off checking out the official a TV Flash website.

Jailbreaking is really about innovation and having the freedom to make your i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad or Apple TV your own.

When you Jailbreak your i OS device you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

In this next section we hope to clear up some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Jailbreaking.

These range from being able to send text messages from inside applications to playing Nintendo 64 games on an emulator.

No longer are you shackled by Apple’s restrictions on what type of applications are allowed to be installed.

When you Jailbreak your i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad or Apple TV you get to decide how your device functions and what types of modifications you want to do to it.

When you update your firmware to the latest i OS version, it results in your Jailbreak being lost.

It often times takes developers weeks, if not months to bring a Jailbreak to compatibility with the latest firmware version, and as such you may not always get to experience the latest Apple i OS improvements until a later date.

However, if you ever need to actually use your warranty then you can simply restore your device through i Tunes and it will be back to its original factory settings.