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The procedure for seeking direct review by the Court of Appeals of a final order in an administrative adjudicative proceeding is defined by RCW and RCW .

(d) Method for Seeking Review of Decisions of Courts of Limited Jurisdiction. RAP 2.2 DECISIONS OF THE SUPERIOR COURT THAT MAY BE APPEALED (a) Generally.

(9) Order on Motion for New Trial or Amendment of Judgment.

An order granting or denying a motion for new trial or amendment of judgment. An order granting or denying a motion to vacate a judgment. An order arresting or denying arrest of a judgment in a criminal case.

References Rule 18.22, Statutes and Rules Superseded.

Both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are called "appellate court." (e) Application to Civil and Criminal Proceedings and Juvenile Court Proceedings.(b) Appeal by State or a Local Government in Criminal Case. If the superior court decision has been entered after a proceeding to review a decision of a court of limited jurisdiction, a party may appeal only if the review proceeding was a trial de novo.