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22-Nov-2017 21:51

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how radiocarbon dating works

De Vany contends that we would be healthier, fitter, and live longer if we adopted a modern version of the Paleolithic lifestyle.

Having spent more than 30 years studying and practicing how to do that, he is regarded by many as the grandfather of the Paleo movement.

It took a decade, but Professor De Vany delivers the goods in his long-anticipated book. Like Art, I believe the ancient blueprint makes sense, but Im not wed to diet.

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This breakthrough happened without any help from ancient man.

modern fad of eating a high carb, high grain, high sugar diet that is harmful. Physically and genetically, we are built to run fast and climb trees easily. Art says that we have virtually the same genetic makeup as our Paleolithic ancestors who lived 40,000 years ago.