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Speaking of working with Hollywood mega stars Robert and Gwyneth Paltrow, she previously said: 'It's a pretty scary moment to walk into that set and go, 'Hello, I'm the new kid on the block, please be nice to me.' These are huge movie stars.

I haven't updated in a while- I'm working on it!

I had very little concept that contemporary art (and especially painting) could look like that or could be that. I was so inspired and voraciously devoured anything I could read and became totally immersed in fine art.

I switched majors and went to Graduate school and never looked back.

02 Is there an artistic movement that you feel to belong to?

I feel very close to those that are draftsmen and the Old Masters, particularly of the Northern Renaissance and Flemish genre paintings of tavern heroes and low life scenes particularly, Frans Hals, Rubens, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and Adrien Brouwer, ect.

Illustrating scenes and scenarios of my life is intimate and vulnerable which to me, let’s me reclaim power and ownership of these hard or weird times or emotions I have. Embracing the discomfort, flaws and weirdness is a way to turn it into lightness- I think most people can identify with that and hopefully it makes other people relate and laugh at themselves (and me) through the work.

Imagery coupled with formal execution—he is an incredible draftsman and makes great decisions.

I am very attracted to both and have nestled myself between an old master touch with outsider sensibilities I hope!

I remember being very in tune visually all my life- sponging and contextualizing everything, paying attention to how things looked or moved and being inspired by images for as long as I am able to think back.

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My grandfather was self-taught and made really weird folk art drawings and cartoons.04 Some of your works are self-portraits, why your image is a source of inspiration for you?