Lucky 7 dating leo man dating an aquarius woman

19-Dec-2017 22:39

Bo-Nui grabs Soo-Ho and repeatedly asks him if he was born in the year of the tiger.

Soo-Ho tells her that he was born in 1986 - the year of the tiger. Ryu Jun Yeol is really a good actor, he portrayed the character so well, the way he talk, he was so cold at first and not care about surrounding but slowly he became so cute and a little bit cringy, yes, but I love him.

When they try to portray someone who is smart, usually they use glasses that have thinner rims and are more colourful/in colours other than black. Now in this drama finally there is someone who really looked better with glasses (Dal Nim), BUT they treated her as s**t and then suddenly like a model after she got rid of them. Or is it such a huge difference between men and women (for koreans)?? I know Park Bogum but I dont know Ryu Joon yeol ... Please comeback with drama soon...^_^ As this drama went on, I basically stayed to watch for Je Soo Ho. (The secondary romance between the sidekicks is fun and silly and cute.) Just start watching few episodes.far it good.... thanks for makinh lucky romance and casting Ryu jun yeol, HJE , the supporting actors. I would smile or laugh alone...people around me will look at me weirdly.I don't care...because I'm thinking about him...nothing seem important anymore.... Thinking my 3 favorite drama is ending together this week is ruining my mood.... I'm so curious about the the same time I know If I watch.finish... I didn't Hear any complaining about the fact that Se Ho always have his shirt only close in the collar but the rest it's open. Life is complicated enough with a lot twisted things happened in it, i don't need that kind of drama to add more twisted feeling. fan club at almost 2 decades of watching kdrama...hahah so old now but happy..hoping for our best and happy couple until next week!!! it will end soon but happy since it always gives me a great wed-thurs!!! I think this character has decided she can't enjoy any pleasures in life because of her belief she is bad luck for others.

(hope my comment explains the glasses thing for you) Hyun Bin Oppa I love you. I think the rating had to do with the superstition theme. @Gina, iam worry that your qualification is out of this world, because this man won Baeksang award for the best new actor. I start to watch for PB.Jung hwan role just change my 1st reason .. Based on the plot given, I thought he was going to be a typical male kdrama lead who would be frustrating to watch, but Ryoo Joon-yeol gave this character so much charm and made this character really likeable and easy to root for. ♥ The secondary plots sort of seem like filler and the female mc can be seriously stupid and annoying, however, it works out, episode by episode, to grow in charm and watchability. I was just glowing in my heart and squeeing at how gifted Ryoo Joon-Yeol is in transmitting a smitten man. Second lead male is good but main lead male is grabing my attention fully.. So far I'm not having second lead syndrome here...^^ I already start to miss jenius dorky guy He soo ho..keep appearing in my dreams..... I really enjoy watching these drama.I don't have any idea to watching upcoming it didn't gain my attention I gonna do next week without these 3... Back then when I watch reply 1988 I really loved Jung hwan character..really hit me when I realize he is not the main lead... RJY oopa I don't even know you before I'm your official fan... I always love your versatile acting...writer him...please make it happy ending... Sure if I wear it like him in real life people would think I'm silly because of it. Doesn't really care much with the ratings of this drama because the show itself is a very entertaining to me, I have been smiling almost the entire episodes like hell which I rarely found when I watch other romance-mellow drama, I adore RJY so much since Reply 1988, for the first time in my life I join Intl. We tend to dress up to feel good about ourselves or to look good for others and even ourselves.

The chemistry between him and bonui so great also, really like brother sister, he cares so much about bonui but of course not more than je soo ho. I love the character of Je Soo hoo he is so adorkable and has his own charms. Oopa fighting I love thier relationship in this drama. For romcoms, after all the background stories been told, most spectators will go bored as they know what will happen after that. but at least there a happy ending for jun yeol, not like the ending of reply88. I will waiting for your next project Jun Yeol oppa!!! I get hooked until last episodes..good too see this side of rjy..character is lovable... Out of boredom i clicked the first episode, and i cant stop eversince.

I don't know if the story is typical but I just enjoy watching it so much, maybe because the actors and actresses here all did so well.

Though some plot is predictable but really, it is so enjoyable.

Soo-Ho's presentation turns into a complete failure due to trauma from his childhood past and bad code intentionally placed into the game.

Later, Soo-Ho again sees Bo-Nui's out in the public, but she is drunk.

I love how je soo ho trying so hard to get shin bo nui and how hard he tried to make her stay with him. Both Je Soo Ho and Shim Bo Nui really makes it not cheesy at all, seem lovely, and so believable.

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