Intrusion prevention signatures not updating

26-Jul-2017 14:40

On the opened Intrusion Prevention Policy page click on Intrusion Prevention and Check or uncheck the following options to enable or disable network intrusion prevention or browser intrusion prevention: You can also create exceptions for IPS signatures.You use exceptions to change the behavior of Symantec IPS signatures 1.

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I nedd more information, could you check the file /usr/lib/efw/snort/default/settings then see what is the SNORT_RULES_URL. Contents of /usr/lib/efw/snort/default/settings RULESTYPE=community ENABLED=0 POSTGRESQL=off SNORT_RULES_URL= [^] SNORT_RULES_ETAG= ENABLED_RULES=auto,custom UPDATE_SCHEDULE=daily SNORT_DEFAULT_POLICY=alert SNORT_LOG_ROTATE= CREDENTIALS=off SIGNATURES_VERSION=2.8.6 Contents of /var/efw/snort/settings ENABLED=1 ENABLED_RULES=auto NTOP_ENABLED=off SNORT_RULES_ETAG="1c0005-16a2b3-4c1b4b7ec72ea" SNORT_RULES_URL= [^] UPDATE_SCHEDULE=hourly I just renamed /var/efw/snort/settings and re-applied snort settings through GUI.

:) The original install of 2.5.1 probably had a backup config imported.

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