How to write an ad for a dating site hot buttons dating edition the hot buttons series

20-Nov-2017 23:02

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A photo is the first thing potential dates will look at, so make it a good one.If they like it they will read the ad and hopefully contact you. You could be recognized by someone you don’t want to recognize you. Don’t post sexually explicit photos unless you want to attract only sexual exchanges.Oh and don’t forget the safe sex status and requirements! Mention what kind of partner you are looking for, such as a Daddy Dom or a 24/7 slave and then define those terms. Since so many of these terms are different for everyone giving definitions will help people really find out if they fit or not.

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Women shouldn’t be ashamed of their age either, wear it proudly. The more honest you are in the stats area the easier it will be for you to pick through potential dates later.

Remember too, that this is just your username and you don’t have to try and fit what you are looking for or who you are in these few characters.

As is often the case on social networks, you can easily lie about your location or age.

Place things like bad with budgets or that you are a smoker in the negatives.

From the positive list, pick out 5 of your favorites or best about you. Write up a few sentences describing you in a positive light. Now it will be easy to write about the positive traits, but those negative ones need a positive spin. If you are looking for a smoker also, then you could put that in the positive list, but if you are wanting to quit then you can say that you are looking for someone that will support breaking the smoking habit.If you are looking for a long term relationship I strongly suggest against it.

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