High credit score dating site adult dating hallwood virginia

23-Oct-2017 19:34

According to an ongoing paper from the Federal Reserve Board, people with drastically different credit scores may experience more financial stress down the line — which places a major burden on a relationship.

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Then it matches you with a partner based on that score.

That’s because a growing body of research indicates that some (potentially awkward) financial conversations – including those about credit history – can offer crucial clues about the length and quality of a romantic partnership.

So if you’re looking for a relationship with staying power, why beat around the bush?

The site says it has an 86% to 89% success rate when it comes to long-term relationships and marriages.

While most first dates center on polite discussion over coffee, drinks, or dinner, serious romantic prospects might consider asking for their date’s credit score right off the bat.But hey, at least you’ll have something to talk about.