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Are you just barely hitting the recommended power levels of each section, or are you overshooting them by leveling up and claiming gear in the Crucible? This is a game developed by Bungie, published by Activision, and the budget had to have been ... It’s worth your time to poke around the corners just to see the sights.You can lose a surprising amount of time just looking at the different skyboxes. Take the opportunity to stop and smell the virtual roses.Crucible matches are now designed and balanced in such a way that sticking together is usually the winning strategy. You are absolutely at a disadvantage if you’re not rolling in with other people on voice chat.But that doesn’t mean the Crucible is inaccessible to you; you’ll often be paired with randos who get what’s going on.It’s skewed toward teams that play together often, but you won’t automatically be destroyed if you show up by yourself and want to have a good time.And heck, you can always join a clan so your efforts contribute to a greater cause, and there are more casual players out there than you might have assumed.You just have to realize the strategy — in most cases — will be to stick close to other people. It will make things a bit easier if you’re worried about contributing.You’ll also likely have issues with the Crucible milestones if you’re playing casually, but that’s not a big deal in the scheme of things.

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What’s important is that your attacks chip away at the enemy’s shields and then health, giving your teammates an opportunity to move in and finish off the kill or at least provide some form of cover fire.Writing bots requires a great deal of skill; using them almost a game that’s designed to be played socially, and many of the higher-level activities require a large time commitment during which you may not be able to pause or deal with interruptions. There are better options out there if scheduling or solo play are your chief concerns.So that’s the first trick to enjoying the game by yourself, at your own pace: Don’t try to keep up with what you think everyone else is doing.

You didn’t buy the game for everyone else; you bought it to enjoy it yourself, in your own way.Discord - Chat for Gamers on the App Store - i Tunes - Apple Dec 22, 2016 ...

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