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Janelle teaches master dance classes world-wide, where she inspires dancers of all ages and abilities. Janel Ie Ginestra: Shirley temple was my idol as a child and then of course Britney Spears through my teens.

Dance Mogul: Were your parents supportive of your passion for dance?

Key Components This strategy involves starting programs that help teens of both sexes prevent dating violence; address relationship issues through school-based support groups for victims; provide intervention and counseling groups for offenders; train school and health care personnel so that they recognize signs of dating violence; and develop a curriculum that teaches teens how to recognize the signs of abusive behavior, get help, or help a friend in need.

A list of resources that help victims supplements the text.

At age 12, Janelle moved to Modesto, CA where she began to choreograph and dance for a local rap artist named Jiggy.

They would rehearse and practice in Janelle’s garage for hours on end.

This is where Janelle primarily trained from the ages of 12-18, training herself, and her friends.

We feel she is success in motion because she is currently on P! She is someone that can provide insight to the youth and what it means to tour the world as a dancer as she still experiences her journey.

Upon arrival in Los Angeles, some of Janelle’s early jobs were related to dance.

As an actress, Janelle was a guest-star and co-star on many TV shows and also was a lead actor on two TV pilots.

The Southern California Coalition for Battered Women offers Skills for Violence-Free Relationships, an education program for use with students ages 13 to 18.

This strategy trains youth to prevent dating violence.

As part of the Strategy, the Gender-Based Violence Knowledge Centre will be created within Status of Women Canada to better align government resources and enable the sharing and development of research into GBV.

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